Executive Team

John Maione Sr.

John has over 40 years experience in the real-estate development industry. He founded the parent company, John A. Maione Enterprises in 1977. He has built and developed over $700,000,000.00 in residential and commercial real-estate throughout New Jersey and New York. His experience spans the whole industry, from procuring approvals, construction, financing and marketing of the end-product. John has a proven track record in marketing and establishing rapid growth systems in commercial and residential construction as well as mortgage banking firms. He has been responsible for the construction and development of 4,500,000 square feet of residential and commercial space. These projects included over 2,000 homes and commercial projects such as a 400,000 square foot regional mall on Rt. 1 in central New Jersey and a 8.5 Megawatt solar generation facility.

John was also the President and CEO of Builders Construction Funding of America from 1995 thru 2003 funding millions of dollars to dozens of real-estate projects throughout the New York – New Jersey metropolitan area.

John Maione Jr.

John has been working in the real-estate industry for the past 17 years. He has been the project manager for over 200 homes and 40,000 square feet of commercial space. He has overseen the construction of tract-homes, multi-million dollar custom homes and thousands of feet of commercial space. Besides this construction, John has experience in commercial fit-up work. Some fit-up clients have been Kiddie Academy, LabCorp and Coldwell Banker.

In addition to construction management he has been a part of the Maione Enterprises team working on the development, approvals and financing of $40,000,000.00 in projects throughout northern New Jersey.

John is also the purchasing manager responsible for numerous projects throughout northern New Jersey including hundreds of homes and apartments as well as 40,000 square feet of commercial space.

John graduated Delbarton School in 1995 and Villanova University in 1999 with a BS in Finance and a minor in Economics.

James-Jaie Maione

James has been working in the real estate industry for the past 14 years and is the property manager of 40,000 square feet of commercial space and over 100 apartments. With expertise in market research and strategic planning, James has written and developed marketing initiatives that have been responsible for the successful launch of projects including an active adult residential community, a commercial center, retail stores, and multi-million dollar custom homes.

In addition, James is the in-house IT manager and is responsible for the company’s web development and graphic design.

James graduated from Delbarton School in 1998 and Villanova University in 2002 with a BS in Marketing.